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Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld explains North Korea’s bluff, and why we should feel “sympathy” for DPNK (Video)

Greg Gutfeld says there is room for sympathy for North Korea, and the entire “Guam bombing” rhetoric is one big bluff.

Fox News’ Gutfeld explains…

“The Korean War ended in a divorce.”

South Korea got a great parent in the form of the United States…a free market economy and with that prosperity. North Korea got communism…

“North Korea is essentially a child that has been scarred. What does a chid do? It’s rational way of thinking is survivalism…and a scarred child survives through bluffing. It acts tough…because it knows if it doesn’t act tough it will get ruined.

So the solution is how do you help this child that has been screwed by terrible parents for 40 years.”

Gutfeld concludes…

“There is a way to negotiate with these guys [North Korea] if you understand that for the past four decades, everybody has gotten great stuff, but they have been stagnant, in a permanent mess forever.”

Greg Gutfeld’s interesting take on the North Korea crisis begins at the 5:30 minute mark.

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