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Fox News goes on a Russia hysteria rant as Ambassador John Bolton says conflict with Iran is underway

Fox News’ Eric Shawn reports about the Moscow and Tehran partnership in an effort to brand both nations as “terror states.”

No better person to push Russia hate and global war mongering than neocon Ambassador John Bolton, who championed the George W. Bush’s WMD war in Iraq, as well professing support for “moderate rebels” in Syria (aka Al Qaeda and ISIS).

Bolton lays out his neocon strategy quite openly¬†in the last 30 seconds of the clip…

“The next conflict is already underway…Iran is the principle threat.”

Not to be outdone by Eric Shawn and Ambassador John Bolton, Fox News’ Amy Kellogg reports from Milan on Russia’s growing sphere of influence, as France’s Le Pen speaks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kellogg presents a sinister Russian goal to paralyze the EU with RT and Sputnik, internet trolls, fake news and support for Le Pen.

We argue at The Duran, that the EU is doing a fantastic job of destroying itself all by itself without the help of any other third state actors.

As far as fake news and election tampering…we suggest Fox News highlight this list of governments overthrown by the CIA before throwing stones with no evidence to date.

The Duran readers: What do you think?

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