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Fox News “examines” Russian Ambassador murder. Heat Street editor focuses on calling Putin an “evil man”

If you want to see what a stupid analysis of the murder of Russian Ambassador Karlov sounds like, then look no further than Heat Street’s political editor Jillian Melchior trying to break down yesterdays’ events, concluding that Russia is to blame for this act of terrorism.

During the interview Melchior calls Russia a “hegemon” asking for trouble, and warns Trump against fighting ISIS with Russia because Putin is “an evil man”.

It appears that Russia has gone from an “economy in tatters”, as Obama famously noted, to becoming a hegemon.

Melchior goes on to say that Putin has “created a lot of regional evil.”

Melchior seems to have forgotten about the Iraq invasion, the 15 year Afghanistan war, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and the US arming and funding Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in Syria to overthrow Assad.

Here is a more factual re-wording of Melchior’s analysis…

Obama has “created a lot of regional evil” and Obama is “an evil man”.

This Fox interview highlights the lack of depth from the established media on the geo-politics in the region, and a complete ignorance in understanding Russia.

And we wonder why main stream media has lost the trust of its viewers.

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