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BIZARRE: Former Trump campaign official claims Las Vegas shooter made ISIS tape

Another bizarre twist as authorities search for a motive.

A former Donald Trump campaign official is claiming the he was leaked information from within the White House that Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock made an ISIS propaganda tape, and that authorities are refusing to reveal that the massacre was a terror attack.

With all the confusion surrounding this tragedy, and a motive yet to be found as to why a 64 year old millionaire would commit such an act of horror, it should come as little surprise that some kind of ISIS connection is still being discussed.

The FBI stated that Paddock had no connections to ISIS and that his mass homicide was not connected to a known terrorist group.

Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson reports…

Former Massachusetts Trump campaign official James Brower posted a series of tweets last night claiming he was leaked information about Paddock being inspired by ISIS to carry out the mass shooting.

“There is a video, this video will prove the motive. He had a secret digital profile that was uncovered over the last 24 hrs,” claims Brower.

“Motive will be pretty shocking, I won’t say much but it will definitely change a lot of things going forward,” he added.

“I’m being told the video basically speaks about a network, they wouldn’t tell me directly if it was ISIS but they threw little hints that it was,” Brower told Infowars.

“The reason the video more than likely is never released is because they believe it will trigger the “cells” he speaks of,” according to Brower.

“There should be a statement on motive soon,” he added, “They believe he was inspired by ISIS.”

He also claims that there was a second person who helped Paddock plot the attack that the gunman was seen with three days prior to the massacre. This individual left before the shooting began, according to Brower. Hotel receipts suggest that Paddock was with another person days before the shooting.

Authorities have now acknowledged that Paddock had “help” and originally planned to escape and carry out other atrocities. His car contained fertilizer that could be used to make explosives and 50 pounds of the explosive substance Tannerite, clearly suggesting he was planning a car bombing.

Brower claims the source leaking his the information is an individual within the Trump cabinet. The former Trump campaign official did previously release information about Paul Manafort being wiretappedbefore it became public.

Brower also claims that Paddock’s digital profile “showed he researched many of the massacres committed by IS lately in Europe.”

However, Fox News reports that after “Analyzing Paddock’s computer, cellphone and other electronic devices, investigators have found no obvious ideological motive, no clear connection to extremists or activist groups or outward display of mental illness.”

Last week The Duran reported that ISIS claimed responsibility for the killings, stating that months ago, Paddock converted to Islam and expressed his desire to carry out atrocities in the name of the nefarious terrorist organisation.

Yesterday ISIS once again stating that Stephen Paddock converted to Islam six months ago.

Terror expert Rita Katz reports…

SITE Intel Group tweeted this statement along with an ISIS-Las Vegas infograph…

In Naba 100 #ISIS featured an infographic on #LasVegas attack & indicated the shooter, “Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki,” converted 6 months ago

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