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Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad demands Barack Obama ‘pay another $2 billion’

As Obama tries to explain away the $400 million he airlifted paid to Iran last week in return for hostages, or in line with a a Hague Court agreement (whichever one you are more inclined to believe), former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is figuring that while Obama has his hands in his pockets, might as well ask for a little more.

In this case Ahmadinejad is advising US President Barack Obama to return $2 billion seized from Iran in order to help ease a “bitter past”.

The letter was delivered to the White House through the Swiss embassy in Tehran, which represents US diplomatic interests in Iran.

It urges Obama to “quickly fix” the issue surrounding frozen Iranian assets.

The letter begins with the traditional Islamic greeting “As-salamun alaykum,” and was released by the Dolate-Bahar website, which is run by Ahmadinejad’s supporters.

In an open letter addressed to the POTUS, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets straight to the point…

“You took office as the president of the United States amidst a climax in global frustration…following several decades of hegemonic policies and behavior of consecutive US administrations.”

“Your campaign slogan was ‘change’ and you claimed to be determined to change those policies as well as behaviors.”

“On June 9, 2014, a court in America, based on unfounded claims without presenting any reliable documents, issued a sentence based on which about two billion Dollars of the Iranian nation’s assets would be seized unlawfully.” 

Ahmadinejad further wrote in the letter that Obama’s promise to restore ties with Tehran has never been fulfilled, “and the same hostile policies along with the same trend of enmity were pursued, in alternative ways.”

Iran believed a “compensation for the past would have been remedied” during Obama’s terms.

RT reports further

In April, the US Supreme Court ruled that Iranian assets worth $2 billion must be paid to American families whose relatives were killed in the Beirut and Saudi Arabia military attacks blamed on Iran, which took place in 1983 and 1996, respectively.

Notably, the ruling came despite an apparent easing of tensions between Tehran and the West, and the lifting of most sanctions following a nuclear deal framework agreement.

Iran responded angrily at the time, calling the move a “highway robbery” and “property seizure.” In mid-June, it was revealed that Tehran had filed a lawsuit against Washington to the UN International Court of Justice.

People in Iran hope “that the particular case of property seizure, which fully occurred during your term in office, and actually toward the end of the term, and which is counter to all international legal principles and rules, be quickly fixed by your excellency,” Ahmadinejad wrote.

Ahmadinejad said the letter “is by no means of political nature.”

The former Iranian President mention years of “oppression and cruelty by different American governments” against Iran.

Ahmadinejad the goes on to advise Obama to not let the moment go to waste, and wishes him well, as his letter concludes….

“I passionately advise you not to let the historical defamation and bitter incident be recorded under your name.”

“Best wishes for the health and well-being of all nations.”


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