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Former FBI Assistant Director: “Hillary’s crimes would land a normal person in federal prison”

Former FBI Assistant Director says it was obvious that James Comey was with the Clintons from the beginning.

President Trump, and former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom, blasted James Comey for colluding with Hillary Clinton and constructing a fake investigation into HRC’s email server.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Documents released on Thursday show former FBI head James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton before the investigation into her email conduct had concluded.

Even more concerning is Mr. Comey even circulated an early draft statement to select members of senior FBI leadership.

The news on Thursday came after James Comey admitted in Congressional testimony that he leaked likely classified information to the media.

This was AFTER he told Senator Grassley under oath that he never leaked information.

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom said it was obvious that Comey was colluding with Hillary Clinton from the beginning.

Kallstrom said…

This whole thing was a joke to begin with, this so-called investigation of Hillary Clinton…The fact that a grand jury was never empaneled would tell any investigator, I don’t care if you’ve only been on the job for a day, that this whole thing was not going to be legitimate. And it wasn’t.

It was an absolute joke. It makes no sense and he makes no sense. He makes no sense. He was just a total embarrassment. He let the American people down by not looking at these crimes.

The crimes would land a normal person in Leavenworth federal prison.

After the news of the huge scandal between Comey and Clinton broke, President Trump tweeted on the sham investigation conducted by the FBI…

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