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Former FBI Assistant Director calls FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton “a farce from the beginning” (Video)

James Kallstrom says that James Comey was covering for Hillary, Obama…everybody.

Did James Comey break the law by exonerating Hillary Clinton, way in advance of any type of investigation?

James Kallstrom and Jay Sekulow went on Fox News’ Hannity to discuss the unfolding scandal around former FBI director James Comey and his “pardon” of Hillary before the formal FBI investigation into her email server started.

James Kallstrom tells Sean Hannity…

“He has been carrying water for the Clinton folks, Obama, everybody…the whole thing was a farce.”

“As soon as you know there is no grand jury. As soon as you know you can’t compel testimony. As soon as you know you can’t get records, computers for searching…the whole thing was a farce from the beginning.”

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