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3 times, Nancy Pelosi says George W. Bush is US President (Video)

3 times, Nancy Pelosi says George W. Bush is US President (Video)

Three times and you’re out…is that not the golden rule of baseball and life?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi referred to the current POTUS as George W. Bush, forgetting that Bush left office, was succeeded by Barack Obama, who left office and President Trump is now in the White House.

This is Pelosi’s third time, referring to Bush as the POTUS.

1. Perhaps it’s time that Democrats look for a more house minority leader capable of referencing the correct US President…it kind of matters.

The American Mirror reports

Talking about her battles with Republicans over abortion, Pelosi said, “For decades I’ve served in Congress and for decades I’ve had to fight the Republicans’ opposition to birth control, contraception and family planning.

“They do not believe in it,” Pelosi declared at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. “And a lot of those people voted for George— for, what’s his name?” she asked, apparently struggling to remember President Trump’s name.

“The president of the United States,” she said. “I’ll honor the position.”

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2. As we noted above this was not Pelosi’s first Bush reference. During an April appearance on “This Week”, Pelosi mistakenly called President Trump “President Bush.”

3. And let’s not forget when during a press conference in February, Nancy Pelosi again thought George W. Bush was still the POTUS…

“We’ve seen nothing where we can where — where I can work with President Bush on.”

Pelosi didn’t correct herself.

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