Fidel Castro congratulates Greece on its “brilliant political victory”

No doubt such praise from Fidel will make the ultra left SYRIZA party proud. Unfortunately Castro does not have $50 billion lying around to give Greece some liquidity and open up the banks.

Via TASS News Agency…

“I am sending you my cordial greetings on the occasion of this brilliant political victory,” says Castro’s letter published by the official Internet portal.

“Greece is very close to the Cubans – it taught us philosophy, arts and sciences of antiquity when we were school students and at the same time the most complicated types of human activity, like arts and the science of making politics,” Comandante Fidel writes.

“Your victory, which is especially courageous in the current political setting, causes delight among the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean who see Greece defend its self-identity and culture in the face of aggression from the outside,” he says.

“Given the current political situation on the planet when peace and survival of humankind are hanging in balance, each decision is to be weighed out and scrutinized as carefully as never before so that no one could call into question the decency and seriousness, which many highly responsible and mature leaders rebuff the looming threats with,” Fidel says.

A total of 61.31% Greek citizens who came to the polls on Sunday voted against the terms of the agreement with creditors on settling the country’s sovereign debt.


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