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FBI informant, ordered to keep silent by Obama White House, has hard proof of bribery and kickbacks (Video)

Washington DC lawyer Victoria Toensing says her client has the good on the Clintons.

Washington DC lawyer Victoria Toensing, spoke with Fox News’ Lou Dobbs, claiming her client, the FBI informant at the center of the Uranium One scandal, has documented information that can prove corruption within the Obama White House on a “significant” scale.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Toensing’s client is an American businessman who worked for years undercover as an FBI confidential witness, according to John Solomon and Alison Spann at The Hill. The man was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from telling Congress about conversations and transactions he witnessed related to the Russian nuclear industry’s efforts to win favor with Bill and Hillary Clinton and influence Obama administration decisions, his lawyer tells The Hill.

On Monday Toensing told Dobbs her client knows what the Russians were saying during the bribery of the Clinton cabal.

Lou Dobbs: Weigh for us the impact of what he does know and what you may have learned from him.

Victoria Toensing: …It’s quite significant. He can tell what all of the Russians were talking about during the time that the bribery payments were made.

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