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FBI focused on “Russian trolls”, while brushing off multiple warnings about Florida school killer (Video)

Should heads roll over FBI mishandling of Nikolas Cruz case?

The FBI mishandling of the warnings about the gunman in the Parkland, Florida high school shooting is worse than initially believed, as authorities received a tip on January 5th and failed to follow-up.

Police visited Nikolas Cruz’s home 39 times.

The FBI was notified multiple times about Cruz’s intentions, as evident in a YouTube posting where the Florida killer outright stated he wanted to be a ““professional school shooter.”

Perhaps if the FBI spent less time chasing “Russian trolls” saying mean things about Hillary Clinton, and more time focusing on protecting American school children then the multitude of red flags properly reported to authorities may have prevented the tragedy that struck on the 14th of February in Parkland, Florida.

Tucker Carlson has the guts to call out the FBI’s misguided (and partisan) hysteria on Russian bots, while real danger is overlooked.

Tammy Bruce also believes that the FBI dropped the ball, by ignoring multiple tips on the danger Cruz posed to the community.

In this case citizens acted properly by notifying authorities well ahead of the tragic shooting, but authorities may have been too busy chasing those pesky Russian bots to act.

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