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Fact or fiction: Is there a fifth column in Russia? (Video)

The Duran – News in Review – Episode 12.

Alex Christoforou with Alexander Mercouris discuss the reasons behind Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to stick with the government that successfully piloted Russia through the sanctions and the oil price fall.

Is there an active and conspiring “Fifth Column” in Putin’s new government, and is Russian Prime Minister Medvedev an ‘Atlantic Integrationist”?

What can we expect from Foreign Minister Lavrov and Defence Minister Shoigu going forward, in what may be Putin’s final term as Russian President?

For more insight read Alexander Merocuris’ post on this topic, “Russia’s NEW government: Why Vladimir Putin chose to stick with his team” ().

The Duran delivers a rational viewpoint amidst all the chaos and propaganda in the news today.

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