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Facebook Removes Images Mocking Hillary Clinton From Popular Meme Page

It should surprise no one that Facebook is squarely behind Hillary Clinton for US President. Clinton perfectly represents the essence of a company like Facebook…a big corporation with deep pockets, and deeper agenda to maximise profitability, while masquerading as a liberal, “for the people” service.

Clinton, if elected President, will serve companies like Facebook well, especially for the right price (send donations to the Clinton Foundation please).

This is why a story like this should provide little shock factor whatsoever. What would truly be shocking is if Facebook decided to remove posts mocking Donald Trump.

Administrators of the lighthearted political page “Liberty Memes” were suspended from Facebook, and had any images mocking Hillary Clinton deleted from their page. The walls built to safeguard Hillary’s coronation to the highest office, extend across the largest social network.

Liberty Memes’ Facebook page has over 100K likes. The page had images removed that did not “follow the Facebook Community Standards”.

One images removed poked fun at Hillary Clinton and the recommendation by the FBI not to press charges following Clinton’s email scandal. The image had 10K likes, 50K shares and 4 million views before it was removed from the page for violating community standards.

The image screenshot below:


Breitbart has more on Facebook’s decision to block anti-Hillary memes.

When Breitbart reached out to the pages admin to discuss the removal of this image. They provided us with the following statement: “Our page has two admins, and both of our accounts are currently on suspensions of varied duration. This isn’t the first time that they have taken down our innocuous posts claiming that they violate community standards. I’m currently on my second 30 day ban from my Facebook account”.

The administrator further speculated that images seem to be removed from Facebook once they reach approximately 10 million views within a week.

Although many images have been removed from the page, it does seem that images relating to Hillary Clinton are removed quite often. For example, the one below that actually seems to insult both the Democractic presidential candidate and the Republican candidate Donald Trump, was also removed from the page.



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