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Facebook should be investigated for its role in the illegal Kiev coup of 2014

While Facebook’s leadership insults Russia, the real story of Facebook’s use as a political weapon occurred during the illegal Ukrainian coup of 2014.

One of the great problems surrounding Facebook is that the wider public, the political elite and Facebook’s own corporate regime, do not know whether Facebook is a telecommunications tool or an ideological private sector platform, albeit one with close connections to the public sector.

In a just world, Facebook would be run and regulated like a telecom organisation, a mere technical conduit which connects individuals, no different than the phone companies of the 1950s.

However, as it stands, Facebook promotes various political agendas, censors and exploits those whom it disagrees with and now, Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he is personally invested in investigating how “Russia” used Facebook to “meddle in the US Presidential election”.

While Facebook’s ideologically driven fanatical founder seeks to insult the people of Russia and threaten the dignity of the Russian Federation, the real story is not about Russia, but about Facebook itself.

If Facebook really is to be regulated like an ideological platform rather than a telecom company, such things cuts both ways.

This is why Facebook should be prosecuted for helping to foment the illegal, blood-soaked 2014 coup d’état in Kiev, a coup which has brought an outlaw fascist regime to power whose mafioso leadership continues to wage a war of ethnic cleansing against the people of Donbass.

During the Winter of 2014, multiple Facebook ‘groups’ were set up by the bandits and criminals who came to the Maidan in Kiev in order to foment violence against police offices, civilians, politicians and property.

Additionally, many so-called NGOs, including those funded by George Soros paid Facebook to promote various propaganda videos in favour of overthrowing the legitimate President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

In Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan’s “The Red Web”, Facebook’s vital role in helping to coordinate and orchestrate the Maidan coup is well documented. While the authors apparently grasp little of the political implications, their writing is instructive from the perspective of understanding just how wide and deep Facebook’s roll was in helping various groups of scoundrals to orchestrate coordinated assaults on police that involved the use of weapons, heavy machinery and the provision of gas masks which were delivered to hooligans in an orderly fashion.

It is thought that the US State Department which was caught financing the bandits on Maidan played a large role in disseminating multi-lingual including English language propaganda to various groups and pages on Facebook.

If Facebook was just a telecom company, none of this would matter. When criminals use a telephone to coordinate a bank robbery, no one faults AT & T, or whomever the phone company might be. But if Facebook seeks to ‘investigate’ whether or not Russians placed advertisements relating to the US election on Facebook, something which in and of itself is a peaceful exercise of free speech, then it becomes necessary to investigate Facebook’s use by individuals, NGOs and governments in the fomenting of an illegal coup in Ukraine.

If Facebook thinks it can play God, simply because of its high level of market proliferation, it should think again. No one is above the law. Facebook must be taken to task for helping to bring a regime of genocidal fascists to power, a regime whose killings have not paused since 2014 and continue to this day.

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