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F-bombs fly as Milo Yiannopoulos triggers Bill Maher panelists [Video]

From discussing transgender bathroom rights, to confused homosexuality and free speech…Milo Yiannopoulos certainly ruffled the feathers of ex-daily show comedian Larry Wilmore and former US spook Malcolm Nance.

The key moment of the panel discussion was NOT when a triggered Larry Wilmore told Milo to go f*** himself, but when intelligence spy, and Democrat party Hillary shill, Malcolm Nance made the outrageous (and idiotic) claim that Wikileaks is a Kremlin outfit with some 400 Russian officers running the service, all in an effort to undermine poor little Hillary, the Democrat Party and American democracy.

More stupidity from the liberal left. Bill Maher, being the ignorant Russian hater he is, of course agrees with Nance’s very dumb comment.

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