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EXPOSED: John Podesta leaked the Podesta emails to Wikileaks

Reckless and corrupt Hillary Clinton pushes the world towards conflict with Russia over mysterious “Russian Hackers” tampering with the US elections by passing off John Podesta emails to Wikileaks, in an effort to elect Trump (because Trump and Putin are such good friends having met…never), the real culprit to blame for the Podesta email leak is John Podesta.

The “Russian Hacker” fairytale is nothing more than a pathetic attempt by the Clinton campaign to cover up John Podesta’s incompetence and lack of responsibility.

No one is to blame for the Wikileaks John Podesta emails other than Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

Emails released by Wikileaks from John Podesta, show that Podesta lost his mobile phone approximately one year ago in a taxi. Upon losing his mobile phone, which had all his email communication, Podesta took no immediate precautionary measures.

When I recently had a notebook stolen, I immediately (in a matter of minutes), changed every password to every account I had. I locked down everything with new, secure passwords, and two step sms authentication. I left nothing to chance, and I did this within the first minute of having my device stolen. Podesta did nothing.

We turn your attention to an email sent by John Podesta, the chairman for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to Eryn Sepp (who at the time was Special Assistant to the Chair at Hillary For America) on July 19, 2015, in which he asks for help finding his lost mobile.

Podesta writes…

“[I] lost my phone this am. It must have fallen off my belt getting in or out of the cab. I used Diamond and had a 4:45 pick up at Brandywine. Can you call Diamond Cab and see if the cab driver found it. They should be able to figure it out given the pickup. The receipt says #Diamond 444 C502.”

Podesta emailed Milia Fisher, who is Podesta’s aide, on the same day, asking Fisher to call Diamond Cab if she saw the message before Eryn Sepp…

“Milia, I know you are with friends/family, but if you see this before Eryn, can you try to call Diamond Cab. I don’t have a phone obviously, and want to try to get to the cabbie as early as possible. Thanks John.”

Sepp replied to Podesta notifying him that the taxi company found his phone. She asked Podesta what he wanted her to do, noting that the taxi company was bringing the phone back to their offices.




Eryn Sepp offered to pick up the phone from the taxi company’s office, charge it, and then drop it off at Podesta’s house. Sepp also offered to check Podesta’s voicemails…

“Lifesaver. Thanks. If you can retrieve, i’ll get it at Cap on Tuesday am. Maybe one of their cabbies can bring to 1333 H on Monday and you can do a street handoff. They can charge you the cab fare and tip and I can reimburse you on Tuesday. Thanks!”

The Inquisitr reports

None of the emails seemed to indicate that Podesta or Sepp had concerns over privacy or feared a security breach for the campaign, given that nothing was mentioned about hurriedly changing passwords and the only apparent exasperation was going a day without a phone.

The leaked emails themselves don’t prove that Podesta himself leaked his own emails, as many WikiLeaks subscribers are implying. The emails between Podesta, Sepp, and Fisher did indicate that Podesta might have allowed his aides to know his passwords, though, as they discussed adding Podesta’s landline to their contacts until his cellphone was back.

Sepp seemingly asked Fisher to check Podesta’s Gmail, according to an email in the WikiLeaks files.

“Added to my version of John’s contacts but not sure it will update in his gmail. Can you check?”

Sepp also said that she, herself, would need to change Podesta’s “Georgetown password this week, too.”

Another leaked email shows that Podesta had the email address “[email protected]and that Sepp seemed to have access to that email account. In February 2015, Podesta was locked out of his Georgetown University email account. According to the leaked documents, Podesta asked Sepp to get the issue straightened out.

“Will do,” Sepp responded, according to the WikiLeaks document. “That’s weird. We definitely followed their instructions.”

Reddit users are all over the lost phone email exchange, highlighting more evidence indicating that Podesta’s email leaks had nothing to do with Russian hackers.


Reddit users call out John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chair and one of the most powerful men in Washington, for having the technology know-how of a 2 year old, as evidenced in his email password choice.

Eryn Sepp emailed Podesta in February 2015…

“Though CAP is still having issues with my email and computer, yours is good to go.”

Seep then sent John Podesta his new username and password, which you will never believe is…


To make matters even worse, and highlight how incompetent John Podesta and the entire Hillary Clinton dream team truly is, we have the phishing attack that Podesta fell for as reported by the Washington Examiner

SecureWorks believe that Podesta handed Russian-affiliated phishers access to his account using a March 19 email with a Bitly link which was presumably clicked by Podesta. That link reportedly led to a website that looked like Google’s password reset page.

You can’t make this stuff up. This is the team that may potentially be running the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton and her team need to stop this “Russian Hacker” nonsense, and just come clean with the American public, admitting that they are a bunch of incompetent, technology buffons.

It’s called accountability, and its one of the hallmark traits of excellent leadership…something that Clinton and her aides desperately lack.


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