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EXPOSED: 5 latest fake news stories on Russia by mainstream media (Feb. 11 – 20)

Fake and unsubstantiated news about Russia is published by the mainstream media on an almost daily basis. The Russian Foreign Ministry has set out on a mission to identify and expose such stories, launching a special section for it on its official website.

The following is a list of news stories that have thus far been identified by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as containing misleading, inaccurate or false information.

1. NBC News > Russia Considers Returning Snowden to U.S. to ‘Curry Favor’ With Trump: Official

Published on: February 11, 2017 | Written by: Cynthia McFadden and Willian Arkin



REALITY: Russia is NOT considering returning Snowden. Edward Snowden is free to return to the US whenever he decides to do so.

2. The New York Times > Russia Deploys Missile, Violating Treaty and Challenging Trump

Published on: February 14, 2017 | Written by: Michael R. Gordon

REALITY: Russia remains committed to the terms specified in the treaty and has not been accused of its violation by the Trump administration.

3. Bloomberg > France’s Presidential Front-Runner Says Russia Is Hacking Him Now

Published on: February 14, 2017 | Written by: Mark Deen

REALITY: This allegation is backed up with zero evidence. Russia has denied any interference in the French election. Meanwhile, Wikileaks has actually exposed CIA’s involvement in France’s 2012 election.

4. The Telegraph > Russia plotted to overthrow Montenegro’s government by assassinating Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic last year, according to senior Whitehall sources

Published on: February 19, 2017 | Written by: Ben Farmer

REALITY: Once again, this allegation is backed up with zero evidence. Russia has denied any involvement.

5. Santa Monica Observer > Vitaly Churkin is 5th Suspicious Death of Russian Diplomat in 3 months

Published on: February 20, 2017 | Written by: Stan Greene

REALITY: There is no evidence to suspect foul play in any of the insidents outlined in the article.

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