EXCLUSIVE: Act of Revenge. Observations from Syrian political commentator Afra’a Dagher

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It would be completely naive to accept American allegations about the supposed chemical attacks on Idlib which occurred three days ago. It was an obvious and odious lie which America then passed on as fact, without allowing a full independent investigation.  Yet America believed it, or at least pretended to believe it and their response was to launch 59 American Tomahawk missiles on Syrian airfield Al- Sha’ayrat in Homs province.

The Al-Sha’ayrat airbase was the place from which Syria fired anti-missile Sam rockets at attacking Israeli warplanes, two weeks ago. Syria  downed one of the four warplanes, hit another and  forced the remaining two fighter jets to quickly fly  out of Syrian airspace.

This sent a strong message to Israel, a state which continues to illegally occupy Syrian territory, in addition to the decades long occupation of Palestine.

Syria’s message to Israel and the wider world was that the equation had changed, the regional balance of power was being re-shaped. Syrian missile systems were now able to counter the consistent illegal aggression of Israel against Syria. Additionally, it showed Israel and the wider world that Israel could not so easily thwart Syrian advances against terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda/Nusrea Front and the so-called Islamic State (ISIS).

The Al-Sha’ayrat airbase is one of the most important military bases in Syria and has played a vital role in the war against the terrorism of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State, which rages both in Syria, Iraq and beyond.

The base has or at least had advanced missiles such as MIG , Sam, SU..etc. It also had  Radar stations and an advanced air-defence system. It is important to remember that the airbase was developed by Iran.

The illegal US airstrikes killed Syrians officers, and some civilians from the Sha’ayrat countryside.

This is an American message to Israel; it is the good news Israel has been waiting for!

The chemical weapons allegation is just another silly excuse for military action. No one could honestly believe that it took only three days to prepare for such an atrocity.

This atrocity is one of many illegal American acts of aggression against Syria.

In September of last year, there was another airstrike by the US led coalition on the Syrian airbase in Deir Al Zoir. This helped  to strengthen the position of the so–called Islamist Sate in the region.

In 2o13, a spy drone of the US led coalition was flying over the Presidential Palace in Lattakia, before being shot down by Syrian air-defence systems .

It is not a secret that the US and its allies have been bombing and destroying important Syrian infrastructure since 2013.

Less than month ago, the same coalition killed 300 Syrian refugees in airstrikes on a school in Raqqa which was  used as a refuge for civilians. And now the US claims to care about protecting civilians? The hypocrisy is disgusting.

The idea that the false flag chemical attack was a US red line is a joke. The only red line in question was that of the US insuring the safety of al-Qaeda terrorists and the state policies of Israel. To do this, they had to thwart the advances of the Syrian Arab Army. This was the primary motive for this morning’s attack.

Countries, like France, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain and the UK, welcomed this aggression aginst Syria. They too are guilty parties.

This American act of aggression should face a firm response from Syria’s allies including Russia and Iran. This aggression effects not only the safety of Syria but also of Iran and the wider region. A response however, would be unacceptable for Israel.

Turkey is the main player in this war. Ankara has opened the gates for terrorists to enter Syria, Erdogan has welcomed the American act aggression and aims to create an occupational buffer zone in Syria in order to prevent the Syrian Arab Army from advancing against the terrorist forces trained in and funded by Turkey.

Syrians are tired of the mainstream media lies. Syrians are sickened by this devilish propaganda using al-Qaeda/White Helmets sourced information and calling it news or intelligence. Their conclusion is that the only way to save Syrians is by bombing them and killing them. This is not humanitarianism, it is aggression and it is terrorism.

The opinions of this author may or may not reflect the position of The DRN Media PLC.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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