Democracy? Europeans have no idea who rules over them or how much tax they pay to Brussels [Poll]

The European Union loves to brag about how democratic and free it is. The reality is actually quite the opposite.

The E.U., in it’s present form, is anything but a democracy. As a matter of fact the people calling the shots in Brussels, and for all of Europe, are appointed elite bureaucrats…nothing democratic about it. The E.U. is nice window dressing for what is, in reality, a type of monarchy by committee.

Case in point…regular European citizens have no clue who sits in the chairs of power, and where all their tax money to Brussels goes. The EU guys and gals have a pretty nice ponzi scheme running, with a citizenry that is very much in the dark.

RT correspondents ran an impromptu poll last week interviewing nearly 200 people on the streets of Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Prague, Paris, Bratislava, Warsaw, Athens, London, and Berlin…the results were quite telling.

Those surveyed were asked to answer four questions about the European Union in which they live – including the whereabouts of the European Commission’s home, its top officials, and the contribution made by their country to the bloc’s budget.

The first question – Where is the European Commission headquarters located? – was the easiest and caused few problems to the respondents.


The correct answer was given by 117 people, who stated that the executive body of the European Union is located in Brussels, Belgium.

The second question turned out to be a bit tougher; only half of those interviewed were able to recognize Jose Manuel Barroso – who at the moment of the poll still occupied the position of EC President – after a picture was shown to them.


However, it turned out that it’s even harder for Europeans to name the EU’s foreign policy chief.

Only 30 people were able to name Baroness Catherine Ashton correctly, with many mispronouncing her name as “Ashcroft” or “Asworth.” Many confused the EU foreign policy chief with Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, and a number of local female politicians.


As for the final question – How much does your country pay to the EU budget? – the survey managed to collect just 11 right answers.

The majority of the respondents tried to guess the sum, with their speculations ranging from “20,000 euros” to “200 billion euros.”


Ironically, the EU’s leading economic and political power, Germany, produced the worst result in the poll. The amount of wrong answers given by Berliners exceeded the number of the right ones for all questions.

The biggest contributor to the EU budget in 2014 is the UK, which was asked to contribute 2.1 billion euros. Italy, Latvia, Greece, Ireland, Cyprus the Netherlands, and Malta will pay one billion.

Germany and France will pay just 500,000 euros each for their membership, while the rest of the union will be freed from taxation this year.

What gives EU stooges like Jose Manuel Barroso or Catherine Ashton the right to lecture any sovereign state about human rights, freedom and democracy, when they, themselves are unelected leaders of a European populace that does not even recognise or understand what it is they do in Brussels.


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