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EU Unelected Leaders Will Extend Sanctions Against Russia According to Foreign Policy Chief Mogherini

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini expects that European sanctions against Russia will be extended after July, which should come as no surprise to anyone, as Obama will insist on such and the EU will collectively oblige.

Speaking with German newspaper Die Welt, Mogherini said that the lifting of sanctions is tied to the full implementation of the Minsk peace agreements on Ukraine…an agreement that mentions Russia a total of ZERO times.

Now if only Mogherini could summon up the courage within to stop the bullshit and simply say that the unelected EU royalty in Brussels will extend sanctions because it is what the US establishment wants.

Perhaps she is unable to read or understand legal documents, but Mogherini is still under the belief that Russia is a party to Minsk 2, and must implement the agreement. For this reason sanctions cannot be lifted, as Sputnik News reports

“This has not been achieved,” Mogherini said. Asked whether the anti-Russia sanctions would be extended after the current round of punitive measures expires in July, the EU foreign policy chief said “I expect it.”

The United States, the EU and some of their allies have imposed several rounds of sanctions targeting key sectors of the Russian economy, as well as a number of individuals and entities, over Crimea’s reunification with Russia and Moscow’s alleged interference in the conflict between Kiev and independence militia in eastern Ukraine.

Russia has repeatedly refuted the allegations, warning that the Western sanctions are counterproductive. In response to the restrictive measures, Russia has imposed a food embargo on some products originating in countries that have targeted it with sanctions.

The latest round of Western punitive measures against Russia is up for extension among EU members before the July 31 expiration deadline.

Logic would state that it is impossible to implement a legal contract for which you are not a part of, but when dealing with the EU and neo-liberals, logic is thrown out the window for unicornish, elitist values.

How can we not forget Federica Mogherini crying during an emotional speech following the Brussels terrorist attacks that almost brought down her EU oligarch golden fortress.

Of course you will never see Mogherini cry for the people of Donbass or Syria or Libya…who have had EU values and ideals implemented in a most devasting fashion.


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