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EU politicians turn to “ball of snakes” to make own careers

Current tensions between Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and NATO lead to the development of many expensive programs and projects that European taxpayers have to pay for.

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Some of EU politicians are very successful in making their careers using the weak points of the European Union member states.

Current tensions between Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and NATO (including EU countries) lead to the development of many expensive programs and projects that European taxpayers have to pay for.

Current security situation provides a huge space for ambitious politicians. Those, in turn, involve the population of European countries in an arms race, trying to achieve personal goals at the expense of frightened citizens.

Thus, such statements as: “we’re at war”, “Russia and China threaten Europe and the Word”, “we need to increase defence spending” are populist in nature and distract attention of people from more pressing social issues. The more so, loud statements let such experts be in the centre of attention in European politics.

Thus, new European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has flagged her ambition for political weight to take more responsibility for defence programs and projects.

“That’s likely to trigger turf wars with EU national governments, NATO and the United States over who should be in charge of European military cooperation and the West’s lucrative defence industry,” writes Paul Taylor, a contributing editor at POLITICO and a senior fellow at the think-tank Friends of Europe.

Franco-German efforts to press EU countries to buy European military equipment rather than U.S. vehicles and weapons have not been successful yet. But taking into account the pertinacity of French and German politicians in the EU governing bodies it could become a reality. Though the Baltic countries, the Netherlands, and Poland, are suspicious of such plans.

“They simply want the best value for money and quality for their limited defence budgets. The Poles and Balts believe they get an unspoken extra level of bilateral defence insurance if they buy U.S. equipment beyond NATO’s mutual defence clause.” explains Paul Taylor.

This is one of the few cases when small Baltic States oppose European influencers – France and Germany. On October, 2 in his interview to Europäische Sicherheit & Technik, Raimundas Karoblis, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Lithuania said that he hates even the subject of European military autonomy. He totally relies on NATO.

So, in this fight for decision making in the European Union only one side will loose – people of the countries who will pay for NATO or European defence projects.

People are only the tools of satisfaction of political ambitions. In case of peace in Europe they will pay for excessive amount of military equipment and foreign personnel deployment. In case of war they will be the targets of missiles.

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Oct 9, 2019 We are not dealing with people acting in good faith. Yes, that means you Mr barnier

AM Hants
AM Hants

Aren’t the BREXIT negotiators for the EU, funded by Soros? Remember the 226 MEPs that Soros sponsors, uncluding the Belgium dim wit and Barnier.

AM Hants
AM Hants

There is a lot of money for a politician to make, if they smile sweetly at the defence industry. Theresa May, allegedly has handed over the UK Forces, weapons and systems to the EU, whether we are in or out of the EU on 1 November 2019. The Forces will have to swear an oath to the EU, not the Queen. Not sure, if Boris will go with that agreement or rip it up. Ironic, the German replacement, allegedly with Nazi links, will be in charge of the UK Forces, weapons and systems, plus, not forgetting the nuclear deterrent. Now… Read more »

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