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EU democracy exposed. Greek Member of Parliament was offered €2-3 million bribe by a Deutsche Bank consultant

This is how desperate the European Union is to avoid Greek elections, and not risk more instability in the Eurozone…because there can be no doubt that election rigging and bribery are directives initiated by the top brass in Brussels, and then carried out on an EU member state level.

Is this the “democracy” European officials champion?

Via Zerohedge:

While no one will be entirely surprised in today’s consequence-less world, the “bombshell” news that Greek Independent MP Pavlos Haikalis claims he was offered EUR 2-3 million in order to vote for Greece’s next President is no less shocking in its exposure. As AP reports, it is the second such claim from the Independent Greeks. Another of the party’s lawmakers claimed last month that someone had approached her with the intention of bribing her. The government immediately jumped into defense mode and dismissed the claims as “badly acted theater” and called for any evidence to be made public. However, as KeepTalkingGreece reports, “sources” from the prosecutor’s office told media that Haikalis did indeed submit footage, and according to latest information, told the briber’s name to the Greek Police. This can only bring Goldman’s worst-case scenario – a Cyprus-style collapse – even closer for Greece.

Greek news site, eKathimerini reports:

At an emergency press conference on Friday, Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos backed allegations by his MP Pavlos Haikalis according to which a middleman tried to bribe the latter to vote for the coalition’s candidate for president.

Kammenos said Haikalis informed a prosecutor on December 6 of the alleged bribery attempt. He said the party had not revealed this action earlier so as not to obstruct the prosecutor’s investigation. He said his party would forward audio and video footage allegedly showing the attempted bribe to parliamentary speaker Vangelos Meimarakis and Justice Minister Haralambos Athanasiou. If Meimarakis and Athanasiou refuse to make the video public, on the grounds of violating individual privacy rights for instance, Kammenos said his party would release the material before the third round of presidential elections on December 29.

Kammenos claimed that the alleged bribe intermediary had worked as consultant for Deutsche Bank before working for Piraeus Bank until July 2014.

The party leader also claimed that he had met the individual in question at Samaras’ office when he had been in New Democracy.

The man who allegedly tried to bribe Haikalis is also said to have claimed that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras would telephone him subsequently and allow him to join a new party that is to be created.

Keep Talking Greece goes into more depth:

“It started as a joke, but then things got serious,” Chaikalis adding that he had video and audio material and that he took the case to the prosecutor and that he also gave name and address of the briber.

The MP refused to name the person who attempted to bribe him, but stressed that the person “was known to the economic and political world.”

Chaikalis’ claims come just two days after the first round of voting for the country’s next President and four days before the second round. Last Wednesday, the coalition government of Nea Dimokratia and PASOK failed to gather enough votes to elect Stavros Dimas for President. 127 ND lawmakers, 28 PASOK and 5 MPs voted in favor of Dimas. The 160 votes were far below the needed 200.

Independent Greeks is a nationalist, anti-austerity party that voted against Dimas candidacy. The party want snap polls.

Pavlos Chaikalis told ANT1 TV that he submitted the video material to prosecutor 15 days ago adding that “we kept the issue secret waiting for Justice to intervene, but nothing has happened so far.”

“Sources” from the prosecutor’s office told media that Chaikalis did indeed submitted footage but that he did not name the briber. According to the Justice sources, the footage contained “clear sound” but “blur image.” Therefore the prosecutor brief the police that established a special team to optimize the video quality and recognize the briber.

There is still confusion whether Chaikalis gave the briber’s name to prosecutor or not, Star TV justice reporter claimed that “the prosecutor learned the name on Friday morning from several websites and blogs” but the MP insisted that he had given the name on the second or third appointment with the prosecutor.

According to latest information, Chaikalis told the briber’s name to the Greek Police.

As whole Greece is keen to learn who attempted to bribe an MP in order to elect the President and avoid early elections, according to investigative journalist Kosta Vaxevanis , the briber was allegedly from the “environment of  former PM George Papandreou” and “somebody who has worked for a Greek and a German bank.”

Remember former PM George Papandreou was the guy who (voluntarily or by forced?) signed Greece up to the disastrous EU/IMF austerity memorandum that has gutted the country for over seven years.


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December 21, 2014

RT @AgenturRU: EU democracy exposed. Greek Member of Parliament was offered €2-3 million bribe by a Deutsche Bank consultant:… http://t.c…

December 21, 2014

EU democracy exposed. Greek Member of Parliament was offered €2-3 million bribe by a Deutsche Bank consultant:…

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