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EU Chief Juncker threatens US President Trump with the destruction of America

European Union head Jean-Claude Juncker is a bit rattled by Donald Trump.

Like all good globalist, neo-liberals, instead of trying to figure out why the people of the UK voted to leave the EU and try to fix the malignant problems plaguing the failed European Union, Juncker decided to blame it on Trump.

We are certain that all of America will listen to Juncker attentively, should he begin to campaign for a Texit, Ohioxit or Calxit.

And if American citizens refuse to listen to Juncker, than perhaps the EU chief can employ Russian President Putin to help him convince US states to leave the Republic. Putin after all has immense power over American minds, given how he so easily manipulated them into voting for Trump in the first place.

“A lot of people would like it that way. Even people on another continent where the newly elected U.S. President was happy that the Brexit was taking place and has asked other countries to do the same. And, if he goes on like that, I am going to promote the independence of Ohio and Austin, Texas in the United States of America.”

Meanwhile in Greece…

EU Greece

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