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Erdogan says “to my friend Putin, thank you”, as Barack Obama and NATO watch in horror

As the US media and Hillary Clinton campaign float the ridiculous idea of a Trump-Putin bromance in order to scare up American voters into supporting “corrupt Hillary” and her war monger ways, real deals are being made between real leaders.

Joke is on NATO, Obama, and Hillary…the real bromance is not between Trump and Putin, but may be between Erdogan and Putin.

One thing is for sure, as Turkey and Russia turn a new page in what is a complicated relationship…NATO, Obama, and the neo-liberal/neocon war hawks are scratching their heads trying to figure out how Vladimir outsmarted them once again.

Here are some of the quotes both leaders had during their joint press conference, which is bound to send the entire western progressive peanut gallery into a tailspin.

From Vladimir Putin (courtesy of Sputnik News)…

  • “I’d like to thank president Erdogan for opportunity to restore relations between our countries.”
  • “We’ve had constructive discussion on the bilateral relations.”
  • “First of all, despite political situation at home, president Erdogan found time to visit St. Petersburg.”
  • ‘Talks in St.Petersburg are very important for future of the Russia-Turkey relations.’
  • ‘Russia will gradually lift the restrictions it had imposed against Turkish companies’
  • “After the press conference, we shall have an opportunity to speak to the heads of large companies from both Russia and Turkey. I mean the gradual lifting of the special economic measures, restrictions introduced earlier against Turkish companies.”
  • “I believe that we have all the necessary prerequisites and opportunities for restoring our relations between our two countries to the full extent and Russia is ready and willing to do that.”
  • ‘Russia wants to fully restore ties with Turkey, to which end it is drafting a 2016-19 mid-term program of cooperation in areas including the economy and science.’
  • “As for restoring our relations to their full extent: do we want that? Yes we do, and we will be doing just that. After certain restrictions had been imposed in our relations, certain transformations have taken place since, and we will need to keep them in mind as we restore our trade and economic cooperation.”
  • ‘The sides decided to draft a mid-term program economic, technical and scientific cooperation for the next three years.’ — “We hope to be able to come up with it within a week.”
  • “We’ve also exchanged opinions on the situation in Europe. We will properly discuss crisis in Syria later.” 
  • “We have experienced many challenges in our relations recently, but we should restore our relations on pre-crisis level for citizens’ sake.”

From Tayyip Erdogan (courtesy of Sputnik News)…

  • “Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to express my deep respect to president Putin. Today we had very comprehensive negotiations.”
  • “Relations between Russia and Turkey can now be restored on the level we had before crisis.”
  • “Restrictions imposed on Turkish companies will be lifted and we’ll be able work in Russia again.”
  • ‘Turkey wants to bring ties with Russia to pre-crisis levels with cooperation in the defense industry sector and energy projects including the Turkish Stream gas pipeline and the Akkuyu nuclear plant.’
  • “Our countries are committed and determined to getting our relationship to a pre-crisis level or even to a better position, we have the political will to do that. As a result of the negotiation we had today, political, cultural and economic relations between Russia and Turkey can finally be restored to the appropriate level we used to enjoy before the crisis.”
  • “I would like to emphasize that we are willing to provide strategic investment status to the Akkuyu project, and we have just reached an understanding on this issue with President Putin. We also intend to promote cooperation in the area of defense industry and defense production.”
  • “The relations between Russia and Turkey are about more than just trade and economic cooperation. We hope that their restoration will help bring peace and stability in the region.”
  • “The next day after attempted coup in Turkey President Putin called me, it show the importance of relations between our countries.”
  • “I’d like to say to my friend Putin thank you, I’d like to express my respect and love to the press.”
  • “During today negotiations we didn’t discuss situation in Syria.”
  • “We believe that the Syrian crisis can be resolved only through diplomatic decision.”


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