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Erdogan Blames Gulen For Shooting Down Russian Su-24. Pilots Involved Will Be Sent To Russia

Did Erdogan just find the ultimate ‘out’ for the entire November SU-24 incident? When all else fails, blame it on the coup.

How is that for killing two birds with one stone.  Zerohedge reports

But in what may be the most surprising development, Turkish officials on Tuesday also blamed Gulen’s followers for shooting down a Russian Su-24 in November. That incident brought Russian president Vladimir Putin’s wrath on Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey’s economy, in the form of travel bans for tourists and curbs on Turkish exports. The pilots were rounded up on Saturday, as part of what has become a wide-ranging purge of supposed plotters.

“Two Turkish pilots who shot down a Russian Su-24 near the Syrian border were taken into custody, according to a senior Turkish official speaking on condition of anonymity,” Bloomberg reports, citing a high-level Turkish official.

In other words, the only reason Turkey could not hand over the two pilots to Putin is because – until Friday – they hadn’t made clear their intentions of overthrowing Erdogan. Sounds legit.

Putin and Mr Erdogan are expected to meet in August for the first time since the jet was downed, indicating a mending of fences with Russia just as Turkey bristles at Washington for harbouring a man Mr Erdogan once considered a friend, but now describes as a terrorist.


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