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End of Obama’s World Order. Enter Trump’s World Order (Video)

The Duran – News in Review – Episode 25.

With a historic week at the Toronto G7, and a North Korean summit in Singapore, now in the history books, it is more clear than ever that POTUS Trump is tearing down Obama’s neo-liberal “new world order” and replacing it with a “newer” world order that is closer aligned to realpolitik pragmatism, rather than his predecessors eight years of identity politics, moral exceptionalism, and humanitarian wars.

RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou discuss how Obama’s neo-liberal world order has come to a swift end, as the world enters Trump’s vision for a transactional, “art of the deal world order”.

As Tucker Carlson noted this week on his Fox News show: ‘We are at the end of something, and at the beginning of something new’.

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John Vu
John Vu
September 5, 2018

All US presidents – and most other world leaders – are puppets of Deepstate. God has plan for you and Deepstate for your country – including maybe Russia, and perhaps NK soon – but except Iran and China.

Vince Dhimos
Vince Dhimos
September 5, 2018

No mention of how Trump is making Netanyahu his superior and allowing Israel to trample all over the human rights of the Palestinians? Trump also quipped recently that Russia, which was invited to Syria to help, ought to leave, while the US, which has been uninvited numerous times, deserves “thanks” for defeating ISIS — no thanks to the Syrian and Iranian boots on the ground. He is more dangerous than Dubbya.

Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen
September 5, 2018

Yesterday was yesterday and tomorrow starts a new day. This is the newest science from reliable sources.

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