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Embarrassed by General Kelly, Frederica Wilson goes on CNN to play “the race card” (Video)

Embarrassed by General Kelly, Frederica Wilson goes on CNN to play “the race card” (Video)

Article first appeared on RPT.

Frederica Wilson is desperate to save face after she got completely destroyed by White House Chief of Staff, and Gold Star father, General John Kelly during a White House briefing…as Wilson is now resorting to the classic liberal left fall back option when all else fails, “the race card.”

Frederica Wilson went on CNN yesterday and accused General John Kelly of being a racist, because he used the term “empty barrel”, which is somehow connecting to bigotry…though no one on planet earth has any clue how this correlation comes about.

Via The Gateway Pundit

General Kelly described loudmouth Wilson of being an “empty barrel” for shooting her mouth off without thinking.

Frederica Wilson accused General Kelly of being racist for using the term “empty barrel.”

Plato and William Shakespeare were also credited to using the term.

Newsweek reports…

Many credit Plato for bringing “empty barrel” into the vernacular: “An empty vessel makes the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest babblers.” Some believe the proverb truly has Jamaican origins, while others credit it as Spanish. A book of world proverbs gives 21 variations of the expression.

Shakespeare channeled Plato in Henry V, writing, “I never heard so loud a voice issue from such an empty heart. It’s true what they say, the empty vessel makes the greatest sound.”

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