Greek elections one week away. Latest major poll worries European Union oligarchs [Chart]

If the EU does decide to let Greece freely elect their next government, and does not rig the upcoming elections, then all signs point to a SYRIZA victory and a possible middle finger to their EU slave masters.

If this scenario plays out then expect Greece’s new Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, to go all in with Gazprom’s Russia-Turkey pipeline..becoming a Russia-Turkey-Greece pipeline.

A new geo-political reality could be upon us.


The results above are taken from the latest 13 polls published from 7/1 to 15/1, as featured in the Greek newspaper “Kathimerini, Sunday Edition.”

The “poll of polls”, includes data from polling companies, Interview, GPO, Marc, Metron, MRB, Rass, Palmos, Pulse, K-Research, Alco, DAT RC, Public Issue and the University of Macedonia.

The average responses from the polls show SYRIZA at 29.7%, New Democracy at 25.7%, Potami at 6%, Golden Dawn at 5.2%, KKE at 4.8%, PASOK at 4%, Independent Greeks at 2.6%, and the new Papandreou party, Socialist Democratic Movement at 2.2%.

Final note, as we head towards the final stretch…Trying to exist as debt slaves to the European Union equates to decades of austerity and poverty, with endless interest payments to the bankers. Sometime you just need to hit bottom to see a way back up.


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January 19, 2015

#Greek #elections one week away. Latest major poll worries European Union… #Politics

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