Dutch Opposition Leader Geert Wilders Claims “Islam and Freedom are Incompatible.” [Video]

After the ISIS attack on Istanbul’s International Airport, Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders took to YouTube to warn European citizens how “dangerously blind” western governments are to the dangers of Islam and Sharia law.

Propelled by the UK Brexit vote, Geert Wilders is calling for a Netherlands EU referendum.

Wilders claims that while Islam is bad, “Muslim’s can be good people”, as well as claiming that “Islam and freedom are incompatible.”

Of course Geert Wilders forgets that its been the US, EU and Western civilisation that has been bombing the Middle East non-stop, including disastrous forays in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, just to name a few.

Geert Wilders does get it right on Saudi Arabia, who is the real problem here, not Islam.

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