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Dutch media take offense to Erdogan calling them “nazis”, showing this chart as evidence to the contrary

Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu was barred from flying into Rotterdam to participate in pro-Erdogan rallies.

Turkish president Erdogan responded by calling the Dutch “fascists” and saying that the EU member state was a nazi remnant.

This latest “nazi” outburst follows on the heels of Erdogan calling Germany a “nazi/fascist” state.

The Dutch media was quick to respond to Erdogan’s nazi claims with this tweet and chart…

So #Erdogan called the Dutchies fascists and nazi’s today #turkijerel

Gert Wilders was also tweeting in response to the Dutch ban on the Turkish Family Minister…

Go away and never come back @drbetulsayan and take all your Turkish fans from The Netherlands with you please. #byebye

All this back and forth as to who is, or is not a nazi, is not bound to help ease the tension in Rotterdam as more Turks take to the streets.

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