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Drugs in sport will become legal – thank WADA for that

You are an athlete and you have been caught taking prohibited drugs? Just say that you did not do it to improve your performance.

The World Anti-Doping Agency was created as a structure that would fight for fair sport. Today, there is a strong impression that WADA is doing the exact opposite. A number of controversial amendments will be made to the Agency’s code from 2021. For example, an athlete found to be using drugs will no longer be disqualified for two years, as before. It is sufficient to prove that he took illegal substances out of competition, and this does not affect his performance. In this case, he will only be disqualified for three months. If the Athlete agrees to undergo rehabilitation, the suspension can only last one month at a time.

The WADA decision has naturally provoked a wide public response. Only the agency’s previous activities cannot be called honest and unbiased either. It is impossible not to remember the story of American Olympic champion Gil Roberts.

The athlete was caught on the use of probenecid, which improves physical endurance and helps to eliminate other drugs from the body. Roberts blamed all the guilt on the girl he had kissed the day before. It is hard to believe that enough substance can be transmitted in this way, but this version has become official and Roberts was justified.

“At around 01:00 or 01:30 she went out into the kitchen to drink the medicine. She did not tell Roberts what she was doing and he did not see her taking the medicine. She opened the capsule, poured the contents into her mouth, then rinsed her mouth with water. Soon she started kissing Roberts. Roberts couldn’t count the number of times they kissed between that time and the arrival of the doping officer at 4:00”, –  the report said.

American swimmer Madison Cox was almost disqualified for 4 years for using trimetazidine. Cox should have said that this was the first time she had heard of the drug so that she could have a shorter disqualification period. When she claimed that doping had entered her body with tap water, the athlete was acquitted.

On this basis, it can be argued that WADA has long practiced a kind of indulgence for violators. The new rules are an attempt to legitimise the process. Then a fair question arises: who exactly will be subject to the acquittal? We all remember the doping scandal in Russia well.

WADA experts came to the conclusion that the database handed over to them by Moscow AntiDoping Laboratory was edited to hide the results of some doping tests. Presumably, there were 145 cases of violation. The punitive measure was a four-year suspension, but not for athletes, but for the whole country. The decision demonstrated how politicised the agency has become, as Russia is far from being the leader among the world’s sport fraudsters.

According to statistics presented in December last year, Italy became the leader in doping use. The second place went to France, and the third went to the United States. None of these countries has been deprived of the right to participate in major sporting events. And now even the use of drugs by athletes will not be a problem for them. If you think otherwise, we remind you that the largest sponsor of WADA is the USA. We can hardly talk about impartiality in this scenario.

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