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Donna Brazile was ordered not to discuss Trump Dossier: “I Was Told I Did Not Need To Know” (Video)

The former DNC chair claims she asked about the fake dossier and got rebuked.

Former DNC chair, and debate question cheater, Donna Brazile appeared on The View and confirmed what Hillary Clinton was forced to admit last week…that the Clinton campaign knew about the fake news Trump Dossier way before the presidential election.

The Gateway Pundit reports…

Brazile says she specifically asked about the dossier on November 4th and was told she didn’t need to know about it.

Meghan McCain asked Brazile point blank, “I have a question for you and I hope you answer this honestly because there are a lot of questions about this Russian dossier and there is evidence that came out that the DNC helped fund it. Did you know that was happening, and were you surprised to hear about it if you didn’t,” McCain asked.

“I asked one question on November 4th and I was told that I did not need to know and so no, I did not know,” Brazile said.

Brazile went on to say that she did not control the money in the DNC and line items for oppo research were vague.

This is odd, Hillary says she didn’t know the dossier existed until Buzzfeed published the 35-page document on January 10th.

CBS had reported that Hillary Clinton only learned about the now-infamous “Trump dossier” after BuzzFeed News posted it, despite the fact that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund it, a source confirmed to CBS News.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff were obviously lying when it comes to their knowledge of the Trump Dossier, as The Gateway Pundit notes, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and John Podesta also denied knowing about the funding of the Russia dossier so who’s telling the truth?

Maybe Meghan McCain should ask her daddy about the dossier since he delivered it to the FBI.

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