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Donna Brazile tweets in desperation, “Please God, let this end soon” as CNN gives her the boot

Disgraced DNC Chair Donna Brazile is being shown the door by CNN, as the latest casualty of Wikileaks Podesta email dumps.

Donna Brazil leaked debate questions to Hillary not once, but twice (and most probably more) as Wikileaks delivered yet another devastating blow to a DNC Chair.

Politico reports on how Donna “tendered her resignation” (aka fired) from CNN…

CNN says it is “completely uncomfortable” with hacked emails showing that former contributor and interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile shared questions with the Clinton campaign before a debate and a town hall during the Democratic primary, and has accepted her resignation.

Hacked emails posted by WikiLeaks show Brazile, whose CNN contract was suspended when she became interim DNC chair over the summer, sharing with the Clinton campaign a question that would be posed to Hillary Clinton before the March CNN Democratic debate in Flint, as well as a possible question prior to a CNN town hall, also in March.

In a statement, CNN spokeswoman Lauren Pratapas said that on Oct. 14, the network accepted Brazile’s resignation.

“On October 14th, CNN accepted Donna Brazile’s resignation as a CNN contributor. [Her deal had previously been suspended in July when she became the interim head of the DNC.] CNN never gave Brazile access to any questions, prep material, attendee list, background information or meetings in advance of a town hall or debate. We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor,” Pratapas said.

The odd twist is that Donna Brazil supposedly resigned from CNN on October 14th, but the announcement only came after she was busted yet again for helping Hillary Clinton cheat during Presidential debates.

Brazile thanked CNN and her now former colleagues in a tweet…

“Thank you @CNN. Honored to be a Democratic Strategist and commentator on the network. Godspeed to all my former colleagues,” she wrote.

And then in another tweet prayed for the Wikileaks email dumps to simply end. Being called out for cheating, lying, and election fraud can be exhausting, we are sure.

As CNN tries to distance itself from the Brazile debacle to save its already shattered reputation, the next question is who within CNN passed on the questions to Brazile who later passed them on the Hillary Clinton?

And how high does the election rigging go in CNN, or shall we say “The Clinton News Network?”

The Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief and FOX News Host Tucker Carlson nailed it on the Megyn Kelly Show…

“[Donna Brazile] did this. CNN knows she did this, and consider CNN’s response: they’re ‘uncomfortable’ with this. She stole information that may in the end have influence the outcome of a presidential nominating contest that was close and tough-fought…” — Tucker Carlson

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