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Donald Trump’s Russia advisor arrives in Moscow for a series of meetings

Page told Russian media that his trip to Moscow will last until December 13 and that he planned on “meeting with influential businessmen and thought leaders.”

During the presidential campaign he said that Washington and Moscow share common goals and that the US’ “arrogant” foreign policies have often ignored these interests.

In his earlier commentary to Sputnik, Page noted that the new US Administration needs people who truly believe in the potential of US-Russia relations and support the views of President-elect Donald Trump on the necessity to restore ties with Moscow.

He also highlighted the importance of mutual respect and understanding on a personal level between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Prior to becoming an advisor on foreign policy for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Carter Page, who is an established American oil industry consultant, worked with Russian energy giant Gazprom. He is believed to have extensive connections, experience, and a realistic take on the state of affairs in Moscow and US-Russia bilateral ties.

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