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Donald Trump mocks intel agencies for failing to prove Russian hacking

In his most recent comment on Twitter, President-elect Donald Trump expressed his frustration with the intelligence community over the fact that it continues to delay a crucial briefing on the alleged Russian hacking of the US election.

Trump’s comment appears to suggest that the entire narrative is made up and that the briefing delay is a testament to the fact that the intelligence community simply doesn’t have a case to present.

Earlier, the President-elect’s incoming press secretary, Sean Spicer, told CNN that the heads of the US intelligence agencies have not yet briefed the next president on their findings.

Given that the Russian hacking story has been in the headlines for months and presented by Western media as a forgone conclusion, realizing that this entire time no evidence has even been shared with America’s incoming president, is a truly chilling revelation.

The embarrassing lack of evidence has even prompted CNN to use video game art to try and explain its audience what the Russian hacking actually looks like.

With the final intelligence briefing on the subject finally scheduled for Friday, there is hope that this tall tale, while fun and exciting, will finally be put to rest shortly thereafter.

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