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Donald Trump holds first press conference in six months (VIDEO)

Donald Trump holds first press conference in six months (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s spokesman and incoming press secretary Sean Spicer called Buzzfeed documents a ‘sad and pathetic attempt to get clicks.’

Mike Pence, the incoming vice president, says the media has attempted “to delegitimize this election”. He called the publication of the documents was the result of “media bias and an attempt to demean the president-elect.”

Trump’s lawyer describes a ‘wall’ between Trump and his companies.

Dillon, his lawyer, says a trust will be created by 20 January. The trust will hold cash and perhaps an index investment and “preexisting and illiquid business assets – golf clubs, resorts, hotels, royalties, real estate.”

The management of the Trump organization goes to Don Jr and Eric, and a third Trump executive.

The management team will include an ethics adviser, Dillon says. “President-elect Trump will resign from all offices he holds” with the Trump organization, she says.

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Trump has “already disposed” with all publicly traded and “easily liquidated” investments she says. “No new foreign deals will be made whatsoever during the duration of Donald Trump’s presidency,” she says.

Trump won’t talk to his sons about new domestic deals, Dillon says. Trump “will only know of a deal if he reads it in the paper or sees it on TV.” Dillon calls the division between Trump and the Trump organization a “wall.”

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