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Red Cross refuses to condemn Aleppo hospital attack. Luckily, bus with Syrian children arrived late to hospital

In the aftermath of the missile strike on a Russian mobile hospital, the Russian Defense Ministry urged international condemnation of the deliberate and calculated strike from “moderate rebels” (aka Al Qaeda)…unfortunately no such condemnation or concern for what happened surfaced.

RT  requested comments on the Aleppo hospital attack from several international organizations, including the Red Cross, which works as the Red Crescent in some part of Syria.

The ICRC responded to RT but failed to condemn the missile attack. The Red Cross said that the bombing indicated that…

–“all sides to the conflict in Syria are failing in their duties to respect and protect healthcare workers, patients, and hospitals, and to distinguish between them and military objectives.”

Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov was outraged at the ICRC’s refusal to condemn the hospital attack. We are certain that if this was a “moderate rebel” hospital bombed by the internationally recognized government of Assad, The Red Cross, and all of the western world, would be up in arms, condemning such an event with furious conviction.

RT reports further…

The Russian Defense Ministry, the general said, hoped for the NGO to condemn the attack but instead, the ICRC just produced a cynical comment.

We received “cynical comments, not worthy of the high status of the International Committee of the Red Cross,” that showed “indifference to the murder of Russian doctors in Aleppo,” Konashenkov said.

“This is not just a violation of international law by the ‘sides of the conflict,’ as the ICRC statement reads, it is a pre-planned, cold-blooded murder of doctors by militants,” the general said, according to TASS.

“The ICRC, whose president visited the Russian Defense Ministry nearly a week ago, knows perfectly well how Russia helps civilians in Aleppo,” he added.

Konashenkov said that the deaths of any medical personnel who provide care for children and the wounded have more than one dimension. According to the general, targeting a hospital is not only a “violation of international law” but a “grave criminal offense.”

By pure coincidence, an even greater tragedy was averted as buses delivering dozens of Syrian children and their mothers had arrived late to the hospital, according to the spokesman.

Besides the Defense Ministry, the Russian Foreign Ministry has also criticized its western partners after none appeared to condemn the shelling.

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