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Did Trump just give up on Chinese help in dealing with North Korea?

The last time the United States tried to constructively deal with North Korea was under Obama’s watch in 2012, which resulted in North Korea violating the terms of the Obama agreement in only 2 months time.

Reuters reports…

There have been no official negotiations for seven years. In February 2012, the United States and North Korea announced an agreement in which the North would suspend operations of its Yongbyon uranium enrichment plant, allow international inspectors to verify the suspension, and implement moratoriums on nuclear and long-range missile tests.

In return, North Korea would get badly needed food aid.

In April of that year, the North attempted to launch a satellite on a three-stage rocket, in what Washington said was a violation of the agreement because of the rocket’s potential military uses. While Pyongyang denied it had breached the agreement, the deal was suspended.

POTUS Trump tried a different approach in dealing with North Korea, enlisting the help of China, and trying to put the squeeze on the North Korean state by attempting to disrupt the Chinese trade lifeline to the North of the peninsula.

Trump’s “China plan” for North Korea seems to have failed…

Zerohedge notes that given Trump’s latest tweet, it seems the world is inching dangerously closer to the inevitable deadline that will require global leaders to choose between a nuclear-armed North Korea with the capability of striking targets as far away as the west coast of the United States and some degree of military action.

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