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Democrats begin campaign to remove Trump over erratic foreign policy

The Democrats cheered Trump on to go on the offensive in Syria. Trump proceeded to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles in retaliation over a false flag chemical incident.

Now after the cheers have subsided from both sides of the aisle, the Democrats are resuming their push to remove Trump from office. This time it’s not about Russian collusion, but about foreign policy craziness.

Trump took the liberal media bait…he was popular with liberals for about 15 minutes, now they have turned on him.

The problem is that Trump’s conservative anti-war base, that helped get him elected under the promise that he would focus on America first and not regime change wars, is not ready to defend The Don against the latest Democrat attack that is brewing.

Watch Senator Elizabeth Warren explain how she cannot understand President Trump’s foreign policy. This is just the beginning of Trump’s latest battle with liberal America.

“What is the strategy?”

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