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Democratic strategist, Julie Roginsky calls for retaliation against Russia for “fake news” hacking hysteria [Video]

Tucker Carlson is the only mains stream media commentator to actually question the entire “Russian hacker” false narrative.

Carlson notes that on August 7th, The Director of National Intelligence said…

“The hacks are consistent with the methods and motives of Russian directed efforts.”

Carlson notes that, of course, Russia has the capability to hack most countries, as does the US, China, Germany, Israel etc…BUT no proof has been presented to show that Russia hacked Podesta’s emails.

The Duran reported on the misdirection implemented by the NSA’s statement saying…

The statement is an implicit admission that US intelligence has no evidence to back its allegations of Russian hacking. 

It is merely “confident” – not “sure” – that it is the Russians who are behind the hacking, and it is clear from the statement that it arrived at this conclusion purely through inference: because the hacks supposedly were “consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts”.

US intelligence assumes the Russians were behind the hack not because it knows this to be so but in part because of what it believes Russian motives to be.

Wikileaks has denied that Russia provided them with the Podesta email dump, time and time again. 

Democratic strategist, Julie Roginsky, calls for retaliation against Russia (and China).

Roginsky is a neo-liberal war hawk and devout Hillary disciple toeing the Democratic party neo-liberal line. She too fails to provide Tucker with any solid proof as to who was behind the hacking.

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