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Democrat party staffers say Hillary Clinton’s “accusations are f**king bulls**t”

Following Hillary Clinton’s meltdown during the Code Conference where HRC threw the entire DNC under the bus, blaming them for her election loss by saying the data she was provided by Party was either “nonexistent” or “wrong”…

As a reminder…

Now Democratic Party staff is calling Hillary Clinton out as the “bullsh**ter” she is.

Hillary described the Democratic party’s data tactics as “poor,” “nonexistent” and “wrong.”

“Nonexistent” data could also be considered “wrong” data…does not make much sense, but it is the mind of HRC we are talking about.  Either way, what Hillary said was false, campaign staffers argued.

Former Director of Data Science Andrew Therriault began in a tweet responding to Clinton’s attack. ​

“Private mode be damned, this is too important.”

“I’m not willing to let my people be thrown under the bus without a fight.”

The “irony of her bashing our data: *our* models never had” Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania “looking even close to safe…her team thought they knew better,” Therriault said.

Therriault deleted the tweets, including one in which he said it would have been difficult to raise as much cash as Clinton did without using the DNC as a “laundering vehicle.”

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