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Democrat party favorability falls to 37.5% as obsession with Russia continues to turn away voters

The Democrat party remains dazed and confused, after Donald Trump’s shock win over Hillary Clinton.

Instead of re-evaluating their election loss, and reshaping their party platform, the Democrat party decided to do away with policy, and become the party obsessed with all things Russia, and everything anti-Trump.

At a recent town hall in San Diego, a Democrat party Congressmen is confronted with this straightforward question from an audience member…“What Do You Stand For?”

The Congressman has no answer!

Jimmy Dore comments on the Democrat’s internal party destruction…

The Huffington Post documented the party’s collapse in the chart below, showing a big favorability dip right after the elections, when it became clear that party leadership would remain in place, and the non-stop Russia conspiracy theories began to take over the party narrative.


Zerohedge adds“It’s not just the Huffington Post poll either, the evidence is everywhere. As Matt Stoller showed in a tweet earlier today.”


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