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Democrat Party doubles down on blaming Russia for hacks [Video]

The DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile knows a lot about nothing. She avoids answering the most pressing questions about the Wikileaks speech transcripts and instead prefers to focus on the myth of Russian hackers.

If Wikileaks and Russia doctored the email transcripts from Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, why then will the DNC not just release the “original” speech transcripts to prove they were doctored.

Instead we see Donna Brazile playing the Russia and Kremlin card in what has become Clinton’s favorite method of distraction.

In one exchange Brazile says,

“If it’s postmarked from Russia, which is what we believe it is and the the United States government confirmed that this Friday…I am not in the business in [sic] opening up to corrupt our system any further.”

“We were the victims of a cyber crime.”

Forget about the content of the emails. Play the victim card. Always blame Russia. Rinse and repeat…

Donna Brazile mentioned how the DNC and Hillary Clintons are now “victims of Russian cybercrime” and if its “post marked from the Kremlin” they will take action.

Expect the Clinton campaign to drive these memes hard throughout the media cycle in the last 30 days of the election.

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