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Democrat Congressman tells CNN: Obama tried to keep child migrant crisis “QUIET” (Video)

Democrat Representative admits that Obama tried to hide children migrant crisis on the southern border.

Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) went on CNN to admit that the Obama Administration tried to keep the children migrant crisis on the southern border quiet.

Here is the Texas Democrat calling out (by mistake we can imagine) the Obama administration for its handling of migrant children. Remember to Please Subscribe to The Duran’s YouTube Channel.

Cuellar told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield…

“It was kept very quiet under the Obama Administration. There were large numbers of people coming in. The Obama administration was trying to keep this quiet.” 

Whitfield displayed a 2014 image of migrant children held in cages at a detention center, and Cuellar said that he released similar photos of children separated from their parents.

Having realized is gaffe by criticizing messiah Obama, The Daily Caller reports that Cuellar made an effort to recover some of his Demoacrtic Party ‘anything but Trump’ credentials but noting that Trump’s “zero-tolerance policy” for separation should be scrutinized (but again, he admits that criminal adult immigrants have previously taken advantage of it)…

“Keep in mind that under the law, you can separate a child if that person, the adult, is not the real parent or the custodian because sometimes we see situations where they’ll bring a child because they know of the policy that we have over here with children.”

Cuellar added that the number of children being held at the border right now is similar to the amount during the Obama administration. “We still see the numbers,” he said, adding that “not all of them are being separated. Some of them are coming alone.”

Via Zerohedge

Having lost control of the ‘Russia collusion’ narrative (still evidence-less after 18 months and increasingly exposed for bias), and unable to gain any traction with their attacks on the Trump-Kim summit (hard to make a case that more nuclear armaggeddon threats are better than less), the deep state (hand in mouth with the left and the media) are currently attempting to spin Trump’s enforcement of Obama policies as an indication that he is a baby-stealing racist.

There’s just one problem – it’s all a lie.

This all happened under Obama’s watch:



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Rick Oliver
Rick Oliver
September 5, 2018

This ” Child Trafficking ” all started during Obama`s stint at the trough !!! There`s only one reason the kiddies were separated from their parents and other assholes pretending to be a carer , and that was the harvesting of sex slaves and body parts , where a huge amount of money was to be made and certain people in power would enrich their personal bank accounts !!!! Thus , still going on today !!

John Vu
John Vu
September 5, 2018

Scripted: Trump is in it with Deepstate, when it knew Hilary couldn’t make it. All those Trump dirty laundry exposes are to sell subscriptions by MSM (coincidentally including byproduct The Duran) and to keep your eyes off Deepstate’s trouble (China’s rising).

AM Hants
AM Hants
September 5, 2018

Not just the child migrants.

Over on South Front, somebody posted this link. The article so needs sharing. No doubt not just my thoughts Caitlin is voicing, but, thousands of us. We can make a difference, if we want to.

It’s Time To Start Getting Enraged At What Western Imperialists Have Done To Syria…

September 5, 2018

Wow…….where is this all going? Pizza anyone….?

September 5, 2018

Someone remind me the ‘need’ to separate the migrent children from their parents? What am I missing? What am I getting wrong? If I were handling a Migrent crisis I would keep all families together and either return the families back across the border within the week or provided them with application papers and send them back after their application is made and an ID given. For refugees a guarded hotel like accomodation should be arranged.

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