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DC Anti-fascist Coalition plotting to launch butyric acid (“stink bombs”) attack at the National Press Club inauguration event

Liberal terrorists are caught plotting to sabotage one of the many Trump inauguration events.

Project Veritas says they have notified the FBI, Secret Service and DC Metro Police of the content of this video prior to its release.

“Plan A” involves “stink bombs” in the ventilation systems of the building hosting what they call the “Deploraball.”

“I was thinking of things that ruin, that would ruin the evening, ruin their outfits or otherwise make it impossible to continue with their plans.  Make sure they get nothing accomplished.”

“Yeah, if you had…a pint of butyric acid, I don’t care how big the building is, it’s closing…And this stuff is very efficient, it’s very very smelly, lasts a long time a little of it goes a long way.”

“If you get it into the HVAC system it will get into the whole building.”

Here is the full video from Project Veritas

“Plan B” involves simultaneously setting off the sprinkler systems inside the building hosting the “Deploraball” and flushing out people attending the event onto the “freezing cold” street…

“I’m trying to think through how to get all the sprinklers to go off at once.  There’s usually a piece of like fusible metal or a piece of glass with liquid in it that will blow.”

“And the added benefit, everybody is going to walk outside in the freezing cold.”

Zerohedge reports on the fitting location where the “anti-fascist” decided to plot, what is an act of terrorism…

The latest undercover video from Project Veritas, investigators uncovered a group of protesters known as the DC Anti-fascist Coalition plotting to disrupt President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration by deploying butyric acid (aka “stink bombs”) at the National Press Club during the Deploraball event scheduled for January 19th.  In a dose of irony, the planning meeting for the attack was held at Comet Ping Pong, the DC pizza restaurant that recently gained infamy as the location of the Pizzagate controversy.

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BREAKING: Project Veritas exposes group of protesters, on video, plotting to disrupt Trump’s inauguration

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