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Danney Williams says he is the son of Bill Clinton, and he has just entered the US election circus [Video]

Danney Lee Williams, 30, says he is the biological son of Bill Clinton.

These are not new rumors. Danney’s paternity surfaced after his birth in 1985, when Clinton was still the governor of Arkansas.

A DNA test conducted by Star magazine in 1999 claimed that Danney could not be Bill Clinton’s son, but there remain questions about the test’s accuracy and methodology.

With little over a month left in the US Presidential race, Danney is back in the news with a recent Facebook post, and a plea from his friends and followers on the social network, to help him get in touch with his father.

My name is Danney Lee Williams, I’m the son of the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton. All I want to do is shake my father’s hand. Please help me by liking my video and sharing my message

Danney also took to twitter a few months back to thank his followers for all their support regarding is campaign to grab Bill’s attention…

Danney Williams Facebook page is published under the name Danney Williams-Clinton, with photos of him and Bill, side by side, in an effort to make his case.


In 2013, Danney gave an interview with The Globe, to give his side of the story…

‘I read he doesn’t have long to live and I want to meet him face to face before he dies,’ Williams said. ‘I just want to shake his hand and say “Hi Dad,” before he dies. I’d like to have a relationship with Chelsea, too. She’s my half-sister.’



Some back story on how Danney was allegedly conceived, as reported by The Daily Mail, which has Danney’s mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, a prostitute servicing Bill Clinton behind the bushes on the ex-governor’s jogging route. Welcome to the circus that is the US Presidential elections…

Danney’s story first garnered international attention in 1992, as then-Arkansas Gov Clinton was gearing up to run for president.

The Globe interviewed Danney’s mother, a former prostitute named Bobbie Ann Williams, who told the story of how she allegedly met and began a relationship with Clinton in 1984.

She says Clinton went out for a run one day in Little Rock, when he jogged by her housing project and introduced himself to her. She was 24 years old at the time.

A few days later, Clinton allegedly jogged by the housing project again and paid Bobbie $200 for her to have sex with him behind some bushes.

After that, Bobbie says that she and Clinton regularly had sex, sometimes alone, sometimes with other female partners.

Eventually, Bobbie became pregnant and she suspected that it was Clinton’s child. But when she told the governor, he allegedly laughed in her face.

‘He rubbed my big belly and said, “Girl, that can’t be my baby.” But I knew it was. I just had this kind of woman’s feeling that this was his child.’ Bobbie told The Globe.

She became even more sure when she gave birth to the baby boy on December 7, 1985, because the boy’s skin tone was so light. Bobbie says her son could only be Clinton’s because he was her only white client at the time she got pregnant.

Shortly after giving birth though, Bobbie was imprisoned, and her sister Lucille Bolton started taking care of the young boy. Bolton is said to be the first person who tried to force the governor to take a DNA test, and reportedly spoke about the matter with Hillary herself.

When the governor’s office began shutting her out, a local activist took up the cause and started spreading a flyer about the matter titled ‘The Hottest Thing Going: Bill Clinton’s D*** Will Keep Him From Running for President of the United States of America’.

The story was picked up again in 1999, when the Drudge Report ran a story claiming that Star magazine had conducted a paternity test using the DNA analysis from the Kenneth Starr impeachment report, and samples from Danney and Bobbie.

The analysis reportedly found that Danney and Clinton couldn’t be related, but there are questions about the test’s precision.

At the time, Slate reported that it would be impossible to determine whether Clinton was Danney’s father with the ‘imprecise’ data.





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