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Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) 99% certain Russiagate is a “complete con-job” (Video)

After meeting Assange, Rohrabacher is convinced that the Russia collusion story is fake news.

Last week US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss his recent meeting with Julian Assange, and the fact that Russia played no role in the DNC hack…which Rohrabacher confirms was a leak.

Rohrbacher told Carlson that Julian Assange knows who provided the information to Wikileaks, and that the information was likely obtained by a Democrat party insider via a download…not an outside hack.

Rohrbacher said…

“He [Assange] was adamant that the Russians played no role in the disclosure of the Democratic National Committee their emails that were exposed during the election. They played no role.”

“The liberal left in this country had every reason to lie about it. The whole thing is a fraud, is a con job.”

On Wednesday night, the California Republican went on Hannity to assert his claim to Sean Hannity the he is 99% certain that the entire Russian collusion narrative is a total lie.

Don’t expect Hillary Clinton to admit any such thing, as she embarks on a 15 city book tour to whine about Russia, Comey, and misogyny.

Transcript of interview via The Gateway Pundit

Sean Hannity: Do you believe that this Trump-Russian collusion narrative will be proven false and do you believe he holds the key?

Rep. Rohrabacher: The answer is absolutely ‘yes.’ And I think this Russian narrative that your talking about, this idea that is unrelenting, sinister story about how Trump colluded with the Russians in order to steal the elections is a total con-job. It’s a fraud. And it’s masking a power grab…

Sean Hannity: So let me be clear. It is possible that the media has lied to the American people and the Democrats have lied to the American people for nearly a year. And they they’ve disrupted the flow of information and manipulated the flow of information in this country for nearly a year. What is the percentage certainty that this has all been a lie?

Rep. Rohrabacher: In terms of what I believe and after looking into this I think it’s about 99% that it’s a total lie… This is not something that Russia colluded with Trump.

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Daisy Adler
Daisy Adler
August 31, 2017

“99% certain Russiagate is a “complete con-job””

I’m for 100%

Reply to  Daisy Adler
August 31, 2017

It is 100% FAKE NEWS perpetrated by the DNC and a guy called Warren Flood who worked for Obama. They couldn’t stomach being LOSERS and tried to start WW3 to cover it up. (This is not an exageration. This is what happened.).

VeeNarian (Yerevan)
VeeNarian (Yerevan)
August 31, 2017

So, when all this anti-Russian RACIST hysteria is exposed (unless Trumpuss has already sold out to the Pantygone Generals, as is likely) who will cover the Earth-shattering news? CNN? BBC? MSNBC? ABC? NYT? WaPo?
Most likely, it will be Fox, and Ceebeebies and the alt-media.
The MSM will simply pretend that it never happened.
One of MSM must be charged with treason and warmongering and then they will all blame each other.
If the warmongers get away with this then they will move to the next lie to get their WW3.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)
VeeNarian (Yerevan)
August 31, 2017

I am very worried. Why hasn’t the meeting between Trumpus and Rohrabacher been arranged as a matter of extreme urgency? Or isn’t US democracy worth the POTUS time? Perhaps he has come to a very cosy arrangement with the Pantgone Generals???

Le Ruscino
Le Ruscino
August 31, 2017

Seth Rich was murdered for it by team Clinton – Proof will sink the Democratic Party for ever……..

Doom Sternz
Doom Sternz
August 31, 2017

Congress should just pass law stating that all world resources are American and pass another law allowing endless war for endless peace. Then pass a law that states 2+2 does indeed equal 5. Then congress can retire happy in the thought they have done their job and are no longer needed.

The US military can then get on with their job, kill everyone and pillage everything.

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