Daily Mail UK upset that Russia is preparing a stellar World Cup event in 2018

The Daily Mail begins to push Russia hating football propaganda.

It happened in Sochi 2014, during the run up to the Winter Olympics.

It is now happening all over again to the run up to the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

More Russia hating racist propaganda from the cuckold, beta male western mainstream media machine.

You can read the Daily Mail UK piece here, entitled “Russia face a World Cup of misery – even Vladimir Putin has realised they have everything but a quality team.”

The basic summary of the article (that will win much favor in the Hillary Clinton deep state snowflake crowd) explains that while Russia invested timely funds into preparing awesome stadiums and infrastructure for the 2018 World Cup, they somehow forgot to assemble a winning football team…which is more than obvious given Russia’s 2-0 victory over New Zealand in yesterday’s confederations cup.

The Daily Mail UK should drop us a line when the English team finally wins a World Cup.

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Winnie Eldrup
Winnie Eldrup

Who listen to Bruttish bull shit.


And England knows how to play football? }:-)


I am not familiar with football at all but I do know it is all about sports!
The Daily Mail.UK is early “at the ball” with negative propaganda!
All BS paid for by MI5.

Doug Brown
Doug Brown

Here is a probably perverse but none-the-less probably accurate explanation why Russia is so roundly hated by the politicians, blooming dignitaries, and other mealy-mouth media mouth-pieces representing Western business concerns; it’s God hatred. The West’s hatred of God has risen like bad yeast in a dumpster.

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