Cyprus President Anastasiades turns his back on Greece…sides firmly with Germany and the EU

Cyprus’s President Anastasiades is now firmly in the EU “stick it to Greece” camp. This is no surprise given Anastasiades infatuation with everything west…to the detriment of his country and citizens.

Via Zerohedge…

“I want to believe that there is no such risk,” says Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades, but in a shock to the Greeks, their close ‘ally’ in Cyprus, as KeepTalking Greece notes, openly joined the international Grexit propaganda club, as Anastasiades said his country had a backup plan to deal with the fallout of a possible Greek exit from the eurozone.

Ekathimerini reports that Anastasiades told a media conference that Nicosia has a backup plan to deal with the fallout of a possible Greek exit from the eurozone.

“I want to believe that there is no such risk,” Anastasiades said in response to a reporter’s question. But to be on the safe side, Nicosia has “prepared a plan to deal with whichever outcome may transpire,” Anastasiades said, citing a Cypriot saying according to which “forward-looking children cook before they get hungry.”

Anastasiades added that there was no “great” risk to the Cypriot economy in such a case and that measures had been drawn up to tackle “the minimal risk… and reduce it further.”

Also on Friday, Anasastasides announced that Cyprus will next week lift the last of the capital controls that were imposed two years ago as part of a 10-billion euro European bailout.

It seems a fair bet to ‘plan’ on grexit given the record credit spreads…



But seeing their close partner Cyprus join ‘the other side’ leaves Greece with very few ‘friends’ in the Union… (though a couple of big ones ex-union)…hint Russia and China.


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