Cyprus Foreign Minister, ‘We always opposed sanctions against Russia.’ Just not enough to vote against them

Actions not words.

One of life’s greatest lessons is… ‘not to listen to what people say, but rather watch what they do.

We all know the phrase, ‘talk is cheap.’

Cyprus could have always voted against the sanctions, but they did not. It’s just that simple.

Via ITAR TASS News Agency:

The European Union is changing its approach to the sanctions against Russia which Cyprus has always decisively opposed, the foreign minister of the Republic of Cyprus, Ioannis Kasoulides, said in an exclusive interview with TASS on Friday.

“Cyprus was always very careful and reluctant of the use of the sanctions. We have never been happy with this policy and we have said it so — it is wrong. Perhaps we are paying now the price as you know Ukraine is threatening to cancel the double taxation agreement we have with them,” Kasoulides said.

“The sanctions do not hurt only Russia, they hurt ourselves. That has been always our position,” Kasoulides said.

“A consensus has always been reached (in the EU) after our contribution in restraining the sanctions. For instance, it is after our own insistence that subsidiaries of big state banks in Russia within the European Union countries should be excluded and they have been excluded,” he said.

Speaking on Russia’s plans to create a gas hub on the Turkish-Greek border, Kasoulides said Nicosia does not view relations between the countries as “a zero sum game.”

“The decision of President Putin to abandon the South Stream is understandable for us. The intention to bring a pipeline through Turkey is fully respected and doesn’t concern us because we don’t get provisions for gas or oil through Turkey,” he said.


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